Walking in a Cedar Wonderland

Holidays in New York are a special time. Something about the shimmering window displays and aroma of roasted chestnuts creates an air of magic. But now through a special room in the pop-up, you can be transported from the bustle of the city to a scenic cedar wonderland.

Stroll through a Field of Flowers

As you turn the corner, the trees part ways to a breathtaking field of flowers. Because winter in New York doesn’t seem so bad when the beauty of spring is in full bloom.

Embark on a Coastal Escape

But the getaway isn’t done there. We’ll whisk you away to a coastal escape, complete with lounge chairs and palm trees. The only thing we can’t promise is a tan.



Flash back to Christmas 1969, when sixteen-year-old Mike Kittredge wanted to give his mom a memorable gift. What he lacked in funds, he made up for in ingenuity, melting crayons to make her a candle. When a neighbor saw his handiwork, she convinced him to sell her a candle and Yankee Candle was born.

Kittredge’s booming business quickly outgrew his family kitchen, and a small retail shop evolved into a former mill in Holyoke, Massachusetts. Today Yankee Candle has over 500 retail stores and is featured in over 19,000 specialty retailers all over the world.




Yankee Candle has over 150 wicks, tested specifically for each vessel. The perfect wick balances factors like safety, flame heights and fragrance throw.